Georgie, porgie, pudding, and pie. First the girls scream, and then they cry.



Scan - George Harrison holding the acoustic guitar played on “And I Love Her”, a Jose Ramirez Guitarra de Estudio

❝ George was always full of fun as a child. He never caused any big trouble and the neighbors liked him a lot, which is unusual with little boys. I was very proud of the way he liked to help old people. I used to take George around with me when I went visiting elderly people in our district. I remember one day, when I took him to the pictures with me. He was only eight. When we came out there was an old tramp sitting on a wall. George immediately suggested that we give half-a-crown. Money meant nothing at all to him then and he couldn’t see why I shouldn’t give money to every old person we met. ❞

- Louise Harrison on her son George as a child, The Beatles Book (via thateventuality)


Pictured are two autographed photos, sent to a fan, Ann Bartlett, who was just 16 years old when she died of leukemia in the 1960’s. It appears that George forged John, Paul and Ringo’s autographs for this dying fan, not long before she passed away. (The autographed images were auctioned in 2009, proceeds going to leukemia research at the University of East Anglia, according to this report.)

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"How did you even carry it all this way? It’s bigger than you are." He laughed, stalling somewhat and giving Jamie a bit of a nudge. "Can you play guitar, lass?"

She couldn’t help but to snicker. “A friend of mine helped me.” Jamie replied; quirking a brow for a moment. ” — only the basics. I can play a few songs on one; like /Mary Had A Little Lamb/ and the like.” The ginger looked to George for a long while.

"Alright…. pass it over to me." George reached for it, raising his brows as his dark eyes met with her own. He shifted uncomfortably on the moist grass, rolling over until he was kneeling in front of her, arms still outstretched. 

❝ "He had a way of disarming everyone, and taking everyone out of their comfort zone. To think differently. To look at things, not be so attached. Not get so hung up, and he didn’t like seeing people upset. He was just like "Don’t worry about that, it’s okay. You know, It doesn’t matter, it’s not important. ❞

- Olivia Harrison (Talking about her late husband, George Harrison)  (via beatlesneveroutofstyle)

george u are a well known sexy swag




Jamie looked toward the familiar voice that spoke to her. /George/. “I found it laying ‘round.” she replied, now resting the sitar on her lap. ” — I can’t play it, though. I just make horrid sounds.” she chuckled, shaking her head.

Crossing his long legs, George took his place beside her. His eyes scanned the length of the large instrument, admiring it as he reached his fingers over to pluck at the strings. 

"I can show you a bit, if you’d like…. I’m just learning myself."

She watched him sit next to her, nodding. Her hues watching his long finger pluck the strings of the instrument. A small smile appeared on her lips; “That’ll be grand, George.” she replied, now situating herself, so he could at-least attempt to teach her something.

George looked at the instrument stupidly, in actuality having no formal training on the thing. 

"How did you even carry it all this way? It’s bigger than you are." He laughed, stalling somewhat and giving Jamie a bit of a nudge. "Can you play guitar, lass?"


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 As if nothing had happened, Pattie grinned at him, head briefly tilting to the side in a non-verbal greeting.

 ”Oh, good morning!” she answered with excitement in her voice. And it was a beautiful morning indeed; the sun was up, the kids playing at the pool. Diana seemed quite happy, despite busy. Even Bobbie, who was the most stern and moody, was apparently having his fun outside.

 Pattie couldn’t wait to join them outside at the pool; she had already changed into her bikini and a comfortable skirt. But of course, being the oldest, she was in charge of the food, as her mother was quite busy with the kids. A bunch of peanut butter sandwiches were already prepared in a plate next to her, and she was cutting oranges to prepare some fresh juice. 

 ”Looking good today, Mr. Harrison. You seemed very wound up yesterday.”

A foolish grin fell upon George’s lips, and he scoffed quietly at her blatant, unexpected compliment. “You too.” He said in return, mostly as a learned response, but one that was meant. Rolling his eyes, he laughed, “Sorry…. don’t tell your mother I said that or I’ll be on the street.”

For a brief moment, George looked the girl over, admiring her scantily clad young figure before turning his eyes away towards the window. 

"They look like they’re enjoying themselves…" The children ran round the pool, chasing and pushing one another over the side time and time again. "It’s a shame, really. Your mother invited me for a swim, but I’ve nothing to swim in." 

Turning back towards Pattie, George kept an eye on her hands as she sliced delicately through several brightly colored oranges. With a few well-thought strides, he made his way into the doorway of the kitchen, stopping to stand just behind her, still watching as she worked.

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